Tincture Calculator Ordering Process

You just created the PERFECT tincture. Now you want to get it ordered or sent to your patient. Awesome! Here’s what you need to know. Our prices can be found in our catalogue and there is a fee for shipping. “Deliver to me” means we will ship to your address on file. For pickups, we will email you when available (may take a few days depending on when you order).

Remember, we are a wholesale practitioner-only company. We do not sell directly to the public. However, if you are not a practitioner and would like to order your tincture, you can order online from the Herbal Clinic and Dispensary here (prices are different).

If you’re an existing customer, you’re all done. We will confirm your order and send you an invoice. If you are a new customer, we will ask you for a little more information first, then process your order. Enjoy!