Tincture Ratio Converter

Instructions For Use

1) Enter your information in the green cells only.
2) Start by entering the herbs you want to use in the first column.
3) Enter the range of the recommended daily dose in the next 2 columns.
(For example: 5mL to 10mL daily, input 5 and 10)
4) Enter the concentration of the reference source you are using.
(For example: 1:5, input 5)
5) Enter the concentration that you have available in your dispensary.
(For example: 1:2, input 2)
6) Select what daily dose you want to use based on the adjusted range.
7) Input your desired bottle size.
8) The calculator will display the final volumes for each herb and how many days the tincture will last in red.
Thank you to Dr. Cyndi Gilbert, ND and Dr. Kate Whimster, ND for sharing resources so this could be developed.

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