CCNM Students – Questions and Answers


I want to order products for myself, how does that work?

Pretty simple! Perfect Herbs sells to practitioners and clinics. But we also extend our wholesale costs to ND students. Browse our catalogue and select what you’d like. When you’re ready, just email us at to place your order. Please remember to make sure you specify that you are a CCNM student! You don’t need to create an account or send us anything else.

We have two options for delivery.

Option 1: If you’re going to be at CCNM, we can provide free delivery. We drop-off orders regularly to BMS, where you can pick them up. Deliveries happen approximately once per week, so if you’re in a rush, this may not be the best option. We will email you directly when your order has physically been delivered.

Option 2: We can ship your order to you. We usually ship out right away and delivery takes on average 2 days. Shipping costs $12. You will get a tracking number by email as soon as your package is created.


I want to order products for my patient, how does that work?

Perfect Herbs sells to practitioners and clinics, but not to patients directly. If your patient is a CCNM student, then you can have them order directly themselves using the instructions above. If your patient is not a CCNM student, the easiest thing to do is to send them to our online retail store here.

In the online store, they can select what they need, pay, and get it shipped to them directly. They will not get full practitioner pricing, but they will still save some money! If you have written out a prescription for them, please just have them type it up in the note box as part of their order. This is the only way your patients can directly gain access to our products (until you are an ND at least!)


I have more questions, what do I do?

You can contact our CCNM student rep directly, Sabrina Saifullah (, or reach out to us at any of the contact points below. Don’t forget to sign-up to our newsletter to get free herb resources, including our tincture dosing chart!

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