Herbs Are Our Passion

As Registered Herbalists and Naturopathic Doctors, we are extremely knowledgeable about herbs. Therefore, we love what we do!

We Solve Problems

We understand that using herbs can be tricky, so we do our best to keep it as simple as possible for you and your patients.

Superior Customer Support

You are the reason we do this work. We are here to serve your needs and make sure that while interacting with us, you are smiling.

Our Tale

We are a group of Registered Herbalists and Naturopathic Doctors. While at school, we worked our butts off to get educated in botanical medicine, only to find out that the big guys out there had made herbs too expensive for our patients to use effectively. As a result, our company was born.

So we started tincturing our own herbs and soon our friends asked us to start doing the same for them. As a result, our mission is to keep herbs accessible, affordable, and sustainable. Therefore, we aim to provide you with the safest, purest, and highest quality herbal products.

  • Support Our Local Farmers 100%
  • Pay Our Employees A Living Wage 100%
  • Focus On Customer Happiness 100%
  • Keep Tinctures Affordable 100%

Our Peeps

Dr. Chris Pickrell, RH, ND

Dr. Chris Pickrell, RH, ND

CEO & Herbal Jedi

Sandy Huynh

Sandy Huynh

Seeker of Likes

Chris Habib

Chris Habib

CFO & Chief Troublemaker

Meaghan McLaughlin

Meaghan McLaughlin

Customer High-Fiver

Whitney Freise

Whitney Freise

Retail Manager & Plant Whisperer

Terri McNeil

Terri McNeil

Number Cruncher

Emma Downie

Emma Downie

Customer Happiness Police

Some Cool Stuff We Do

Our Goodies

Superior Sourcing

Our herbs are sourced from all over the world so as to avoid seasonal fluctuations in availability. Also, many of our herbs are organic or wildcrafted. Finally, all of our suppliers meet strict standards that ensure top quality herbs. It is extremely important to us to support local farmers and grow many of our own herbs.

Superior Processing

Our tinctures are made using the classic tincturing method. So the tinctures are made in a 1:5 ratio which allows for the optimal extraction of the herb. In addition, the alcohol percentage is strictly controlled depending on the part of the plant that is used for the tincture.

Superior Selection

We take pride in our growing selection of over 200 individual herbs (see what we did there?)… so that means you can get any herb you want, whenever you want.

Superior Quality Control

Tinctures are formulated and tested in batches. Therefore, our tinctures are thoroughly tested by a third party lab and by the Herbalist prior to final bottling, which means you only get the best.

Superior Price

It is most noteworthy that our tinctures are more cost-effective than other tinctures on the market. With an eye towards efficiency, we keep our costs low by maintaining good relationships with our suppliers and also by strategically micro-managing every single aspect of our business.

Superior Customization

Custom compounding and private labeling are provided at no extra charge. In addition, we will gladly formulate any special requests or glycerin-based tinctures. So if there’s a herb you want that we don’t have, we will get it for you!

We Donate To Charity


Every year, Perfect Herbs chooses a charity that supports environmental and natural sustainability. We donate a portion of our profits to help support these causes. In 2017, we have selected the Nature Conservancy of Canada.